Why Teakwood?

Teak TreeTeak is a common name for a tall, deciduous timber tree of the verbena family. The tree, which attains a height of about 100 ft, is cultivated in Java, Indonesia. Teak is recognized for its durability and stability under severe climatic conditions. Teak also has been known to resist the attacks of insects and the corrosive effects of weather for hundreds of years. These qualities, plus high quality construction guarantee long life even when left permanently outdoors.

Teak is an extremely durable hardwood. It requires little care and no preservatives or treatment of any kind to protect it from the elements. It is for these reasons that teakwood has endured for well over hundreds of years as the first timber of choice in marine applications and ship building. No other wood can claim to possess the qualities of teak.

Teak TreeNatural teak is very pleasant yellowy-brown olive color when still fresh and will gradually weather to a handsome silver gray color when left outdoors. You will begin to notice the "graying" after 3 months or so, depending upon the amount of sun and rain the furniture is subject to. Total weathering will take about 6 to 9 months. This silver gray 'patina' which develops over time gives teak furniture a distinctive appearance. The color resulting from this natural aging process is considered to be very attractive, and allows teak furniture to blend in well with many outdoor environments. Teak left in this state is easily maintained, and needs no treatment whatsoever to give many years of service. Over the times, your furniture would weather gracefully but with quality teak, you also have the option of bringing it back to its original state simply with light sanding and quick wash.

Teak is divided into two grades: AB teak grade (1st teak grade) and C teak grade (2nd teak grade). The division is based on the texture and durability. AB teak grade has smoother and flatter texture (color) rather than C teak grade which has some different color in the sapwood. AB teak grade is also more durable than C teak grade. All of our teak is AB teak, fine sanded (the highest quality), has not been chemically treated or stained/lacquered. 100% natural and only the best!